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About Oltina, Constantza
Oltina City is located in a beautiful natural setting, offering a superb view over Lake Oltina and Danube.

In the village Izvoarele(springs), the river Danube divides into two, leaving the right place, continuing to flow through Epurasu arm, where it is fed with water and fluvial haven Oltina largest lake formed by the Danube in Romania.
In dry periods, and dry arm reveals large areas of sandy beaches forming true.

In Dobrogea, the cradle of Christianity in our country, there can be visited holy sites in an organized manner, but also on their own. The most popular destination is Manasirea Apostle Andrew Cave, site of the hermitage, which is considered the founder of the Christian faith and protector of the Romanians.

Cave, the first place of worship in Romania is located in southern Dobrogea, in a forest near the village lime Ion Corvin. Further, between Baneasa and Ostrov Monastery is Dervent, another place to teach It St. Andrew, near the city Dacian Pacuiul lui Sun.

Dervent is preferred by pilgrims and Healing Spring water with healing powers, and the icon of the Virgin, miraculous.
Another foundation is monastic hermitage Strunga which was founded in 2001 near the village Strunga old church, built around 1770.
Located 10 kilometers from Casa Emy Strunga Hermitage, is Oltina Lake.

Casa Emy is at a distance of 20 kilometers from the Monastery of St. Andrew and 25 kilometers from the monastery Dervent.

In this wonderful landscape, a house guest house is situated away from the noise Emy tiring city.
Board of Casa Emy is an ideal place for relaxation.
And if for some of your fishing requires relaxation, Casa Emy thought at all and can provide boat transportation on the quiet waters of the Danube.